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Cloud Point of Sale

We live in a digital world where things are moving increasingly fast and it’s important to make sure you don’t get left behind. The cloud point of sale (POS) is a modern POS system that stores all of your information safely and securely in the cloud. This means you can access it anytime you need, a popular feature with business owners on the move. There are many benefits to cloud POS including mobility, the software can be installed on your iPhone and you can take payments wherever you need to. Receipts are emailed to customers and are more easily tracked by you. Most cloud POS systems have robust security and 24/7 assistance so you can be sure your documents are safe and accessible at all times. It can also integrate well with other software and allow greater flexibility in the workplace. The operating costs of Cloud based POS are often a lot more predictable than in-house POS as they are usually subscription based rather than a lump sum payment. This again gives you greater freedom and lower switching costs should you need to change vendors in the future.

We can also assist in the set up and integration of this software with your existing processes, which ensures you always have the support you need when using the software. It’s all part of the NextClimb difference!

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