Unsure about how to structure your business for maximum benefit? Let NextClimb's advisors get rid of the guess work.

Business Structuring

There are 4 different types of business structuring that we are able to work with including sole traders, partnerships, companies, and trusts. The way in which you structure or restructure your business can have a profound impact on your profitability in the future. For sole traders just starting out, we are able to assist you in setting up you business and ensure you get the professional advice you need to succeed in an area where over half fail. Starting your own venture can be daunting and having an understanding of all business processes while actually running your business is nearly impossible. Not only does your business structure determine the degree of control you’ll have it also has significant implications for your tax and other responsibilities.Your business structure will determine tax liabilities, your responsibilities as an owner, potential personal liability, asset protection, and ongoing costs as well as the volume of required paperwork. All of this has the potential to impact your business profitability and your personal work life balance so it’s important to get advice from trusted professionals who understand business structuring.

Structuring or restructuring is seldom a one-time activity. While we consider the immediate and long-term future benefits of a particular business structure to suit your needs now, we also leave room for future growth. This is a part of our full service accounting experience. We value all of our clients and encourage life long professional relationships that benefit your business. We can track your businesses growth and be prepared for any changes as soon as they become necessary. By getting to know our clients, how they want to run their business, and their goals, we are able to provide tailored advice that results in superior outcomes.

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